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Men’s Report

Saturday 27th July

Mark Lewis continued his recent fine form with 39 points followed by Jeff Puddle (39) and Andrew McGiven (37).  Ian Upson looked good in yellow! Next week is the final round of the Kiwi Cup, still too close to call. Final entries for the Higgens's Trophy (then the...

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Patron’s Trophy update

With two rounds left to play (3 Aug and 7 Sept), the current leaders are Don Sharp (157), Mark Lewis (154), John Higgens (147), Alan Wiles (146), Rene Rutten and Warren Brooks (144), and Mark Pike/Alec Cornes/Ben Slaven/Rodney Luxton (142).

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Saturday 20th July

More than 30 starters played in R1 (par) of the Kiwi Cup.  The leaders so far are Alan Wiles +4, Alan Blackstock +3 and Mark Pike/Warren Brooks +1.  In the Scramble, Alan Wiles had the round of the week (nett 68) with Mark Pike (71) the only other player to beat...

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Saturday 13th July

This week was a simple Scramble to which we welcomed various visitors, including a few from Cambridge. Six players of 40 starters enjoyed their day in particular, those that beat handicap.  Best by far was Alan Wiles (43 points), followed by Greg Mather (40) and Rene...

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The Captains’ Shield stays at Walton

Some great play by our men over Matamata retained the Captains' Shield for another year. Especially good rounds came from Don Sharp (nett 65), Peter Witika (nett 66) and Mark King (nett 67). Another 10 of our players beat handicap whilst only four Matamata players did...

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Saturday 22 June

The shortest golf day of the year featured a 4-club round.  Mark King now has 10 clubs to sell as he scored 38 points, the only person to beat handicap, proving he carries too much scrap metal in his bag.

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Club Champs semi-finals Sat 16th November

If you win, your final is on SUNDAY 17th NOVEMBER.

Tee no. 1 Main

09.45           Silver K Davidson v D Sweeney; C Slaven v D Ring

09.53           Bronze I H Sharp v L Pitcon; D Verryt v K Douglas

10.00          Senior B Slaven v M Garrud; McGiven v Dewdney/Buckman

10.08          Interm. Armstrong v G Pitcon; S Western v Mouqué

10.15          Junior Bruce v Cornes; Coleman v Wiles

10.23          Junior B McKoy v Witika; Jenkins v Raynel


Tee no. 10 Flights

09.45          Senior Lewis v Moore; R Western v D Sharp

09.52          Interm. Begovich v K Liebenberg; Wills v Lotoa A

10.08          Junior Gordon v Puddle; Ioa A v Hipperson

10.15          Junior B Darragh v Tuhakaraina; Fort v Blackstock