Our Club Today


Making our club sustainable in its second century.


Walton Golf Club, founded in 1922, is an open club of 250 golfers principally enjoying our facilities for good sport in an ideal New Zealand environment whilst supporting our rural community at large. Located in central Waikato, mid-way between Morrinsville and Matamata, members come from the local rural community, both towns, Cambridge, Hamilton, Te Aroha and all parts in between.

Our community extends to providing access free of charge for worthy causes, including local schools (Walton and Kiwitahi), Kiwianis and Pohlen Hospital for fund raising, golf lessons and social events. We have a growing relationship with Ngāti Hauā and the Raingaiti Marae Social Group.

Our visitor numbers have been growing more than 10% annually for five years as the reputation of the course and club spreads.


We strive to promote healthy exercise, with the correct element of competition, in our players aged from 7 to 87. Our course has been developing on the current site for nearly 50 years ensuring a sustainable environment that is also home to more than 40 bird species; native eels, fishes and invertebrates; and more than 30 species of native trees and shrubs.


Managing our golf course is a dynamic challenge as the park naturally evolves: trees grow and fall, ponds fill and dry, enduring grasses are encouraged on cut areas whilst natural vegetation flourishes elsewhere. This takes time, machinery and effort.  We employ only one staff member but supplement his efforts with many hundreds of hours of member time each year, usually in monthly working bees. Typical recent projects entirely from within club resources include major drainage extensions and repairs, removing over mature trees and replacing them, and building a new practice area.