82 players, 35 from Walton and 47 from Matamata contested the second leg of the inter club competition at Matamata on Saturday. Walton were sitting on a 34 shot lead heading into the day and ended up coming out on top with a 20 shot lead over the two days. Well done and thanks to all who played in what ended up being a tight competition.

The top 20 contributors on the day were Mark King, net 67 and overall golfer of the day, M.Buckman 68, T.Heke 69, L. Aliimatafitafi 70, C. McFarlane , P.Hipperson 72, V. Jones 73, A. Blackstock, L. Mouque, P. Witaka , I Aliimatafitafi, M.Pike 74, B.Slaven, J.Higgens, W.Wilcock 75, R. Luxton 76, R.Coleman 77, I.Jenkins, K.Pickett, 79 and B.Verryt, A.Cornes 79.

Latoa Aliimatafitafi had the best combined nett over the two days of 140.