The golf course is open for play. The overall conditions of allowing golf mean we must continue to minimise the risk of virus transmission and be able rapidly to track all contacts. We are following the requirements of government and NZ Golf, applying them to our circumstances. These are not negotiable.

Your Club requires:

Your health – do NOT come to golf  if you are in any way unwell.

Hands and equipment – must be cleaned before and after play. No handshakes, hugs etc. If you use an air gun to clean your trundler or shoes you must wash or sanitise your hands immediately afterwards. Remember, wash your hands frequently and use sanitiser.

Common surfaces – hands must be washed/sanitised before and after contact with doors, keypads (kiosk and Eftpos), etc.  Note that gloves may not suffice unless sanitised. Do NOT spray the keypads with a sanitiser.

Contact register­ – you must register your play by entering a score via the kiosk or by supplying your details on a blank scorecard. See below.

Common areas – maintain physical distancing in the carpark and all assembly areas, e.g. the kiosk and starter window.

Keep physical distancing in the changing rooms. The course toilets may be used IF you sanitise fully. The water fountains must not be used.

Scorecards – all scores can now be registered for handicap using the new World Handicap System. For competitions/club days, get your own scorecard from the kiosk. Do not exchange cards but mark your own card consulting on scores and at entry of final score. For general play, do not use the kiosk, use a blank card and deposit it, completed or not, in the scorecard box. Your score will be entered for you.

Cart – In the meantime, you may only share a cart with someone in your extended bubble. Sanitise all common surfaces before and after use.

Play – Maintain physical distancing, at least metres is still recommended.

Four-balls are allowed when all members are known. Four-ball tee times 10 minutes apart, 2-ball times 8 minutes apart, single players 6 minutes apart.

Green fee players must play only in an extended bubble, i.e. not joining with members.

Flagsticks MUST remain in the hole.

No bunker rakes will be available. Make sure you smooth the surface with your feet and club AFTER playing your shot. A temporary local rule allows free relief within one club length within the bunker, not nearer the hole.

Clubhouse – On clubdays the bar will be open for a limited period. Seated, separated and single server rules apply. The changing rooms are open from 8 am until 4.30 pm daily.