49 turned up on a fine still day which made for some excellent scoring, the standout being Ben Slavens 65 to be well ahead in the Div 1 Strokeplay. Issues around Covid-19 are ongoing and your committee are working on requirements going forward to minimise risks to all our players.

Strokeplay Div 1

65 B.Slaven

71 C. Smail

76 B. Higgens, M.Buckman, J.Higgens

77 M.Lewis

78 A.McGiven

80 P.Davidson, J.Armstrong, W.Brooks, J.Blair

Strokeplay Div 2

86 R.Luxton

89 K.Pickett, G.Higgens, M.Pike

90 J.Puddle

91 W.Wilcock, G.Mather

92 I. Jenkins

93 G.Higgs, G. Laing, A.Cornes


45 W.Wilcock, K.Pickett

44 P.Davidson

43 I.Jenkins

42 R.Luxton, B.Slaven

41 G.Mather

40 D. Highet

39  B.Higgens, J.Higgens, G.Pitcon, A.Cornes


C.Smail, R.Rutten, M.Buckman, J.Puddle, B Smith, B. Slaven, J Blair, D. Leibenberg, D. Highet

Hidden Holes, 7,8 and 9

J Puddle, 9 points


After Warwick Wilcock and Kent Pickett were losers, Bede Higgens was the drawn card and was a WINNER, around $78.