At the meeting on 13th August the main discussion was around our development plans.  These may be divided into three or four parts due to the scope and cost of the work (much more than we have available). Investigations are underway on how to improved the course entrance to make it more accessible and safer, given the large increase in number and size of vehicles both coming to Walton and on the main road.

The club now uses an online health & safety management system.  t is a continual challenge to keep up with legal obligation both to our staff and to our members/visitors. The Heath & Safety Manual is under revision and will be posted in the clubhouse shortly along with a new evacuation procedure.  The assembly are is the clubhouse has to be evacuated for any reason is the area between  the ladies no. 1 tee and the 18th green.  This avoids interfering with access for emergency services to the car park.

Our membership application form now comes with a full page description of Membership Benefits. You may like to peruse them (on table outside Office and on the website shortly) as not every member is fully aware of what the club offers.