At the most recent meeting your Committee was happy to note that all is well with the club and course but we have lots to do and more we could do.

The next working bee will focus on some tree management, clearing the shrubbery around the men’s no. 10 tee, possibly improving the entry for carts next to no. 13 and sorting out the fences to keep the sheep in. Currently some of the tees are being levelled so bear with the problems for a few weeks.

We are fortunate to win some sponsorship for things like agri chemicals but we could do with more.  A small group has been formed to drive a project to win much more grant income.  This may take the best part of the year to reach the target.  Whilst this will be useful for recurrent costs, we will focus on capital income for the bigger developments necessary.

We are now looking for volunteers for the Sunday rota from July to November.  If you can spare a Sunday please fill in the sheet on the bar.