The first day of the new year is also the day the revised Rules of Golf apply to all play.

The new rules are available on-line at with several videos to illustrate the changes. Your copy of the players edition of these rules awaits you in the Clubhouse. All the changes are designed to simplify and speed up the game. Be especially aware that you now only have 3 minutes to find a lost ball, you may putt with the flag still in the hole, you have 40 seconds to play your shot and if you do not interfere with anyone else you play as soon as ready (in Strokeplay and Stableford). Ready golf is the way forward.

All courses and clubs have their peculiarities that sometimes require ‘local rules’. A set of six local rules has been drawn up for Walton, they only apply at Walton.  These will be tested from 1 January for a few months and revised later in the season if necessary. The local rules are on the board outside the Clubhouse and in separate post.